Thursday, April 21, 2011

Celebrating 4/20 with The Limousines!

The Limousines are sick!!! 
The tickets were sold out online and I had lost all hope. 
Went to the concert anyway and got tickets at the door for 15 bucks. SWEET. 
Got some sugah from the lead singer, who was nice enough to
pose with us during 3 separate attempts to take this pic. SUPER SWEET.

K.Flay was performing too. Girl got some sick rapping game.

Thanks Cordula and Oranuj for an awesome night!!! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bright Eyes

You call me kway-zee, but it's because I'm kway-zee about you.

Silver Glitter Sunglasss (SnazzyFRESH), white sweater (Forever21)

Leather Pockets

Red and black sporty sunglasses (SnazzyFRESH), vintage beanie, H&M navy blue cardigan with black leather pockets

Diggin my new SnazzyFRESH shades- they remind me of a sleek vintage car. And my new navy blue cardigan with bad-ass leather pocket that easily turns this normally granny-shaped sweater into something cool. I think I shall keep this find. P.S. Never will attempt driving downtown SF again.

Spotlight- Kiko Mizuhara and the Bob

Kiko Mizuhara wearing red heart-shaped sunglasses.

in a photoshoot featuring a bathtub

checkin her lipstick in motorcycle mirror.

Tempted to cut my hurr...