Thursday, May 19, 2011

minty sunkiss

suntan and mint green dress from stylenanda via knightkat

studded jacket

via Carolines Mode
There's gotta be a DIY out there to make this studded acid wash jean jacket.
It looks like safety pins hold down a studded patch for easy cleaning perhaps? Either way, so cool.

the many shady street styles of: emily browning

emily browning in clear lens aviators

weekend outfit

Kate Bosworth in Isabel Marant suede booties, acid wash blue jeans,
fuzzy pink sweater, and tortoise shell sunglasses while running errands via justjard.

Summer Activities

yellow bug-eyed sunglasses and bubbles- via cosio.deviantart
poolside stalking with half-rim wayfarers via sabino
camouflage in the grass with green sunglasses via fasionfever

Saturday, May 14, 2011

road trippin' with shannyn sossamon

Who the hell likes being stuck in a place where you can't even smile? It's hot as balls, everybody's an asshole.
I just wanna go home.

shannyn sossamon in the movie wristcutters- a love story.
Once upon a time there was a crooked tree and a straight tree. And they grew next to each other.
And every day the straight tree would look at the crooked tree and he would say, "You're crooked. You've always been crooked and you'll continue to be crooked. But look at me! Look at me!" said the straight tree. He said, "I'm tall and I'm straight." And then one day the lumberjacks came into the forest and looked around, and the manager in charge said, "Cut all the straight trees." And that crooked tree is still there to this day, growing strong and growing strange.
image via hearts on.
Adorable scene of the beautiful Shannyn Sossamon in Wristcutters-A Love Story.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Splatter Paint

via apairandaspare
SnazzyFRESH black and white splatter paint aviators
jessica stan via  thestylefox
splatter paint walls via amberinteriordesigns

perfectly simple/simply perfect

via anaskadhim- Lauren Conrad always looks perfectly simple/simply perfect in tortoise shell wayfarers.

a dash of red

Diane Kruger adds flair to a simple outfit with red nails and red wayfarers.
via splashnewsonline- a little PDA for Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger at the Big Apple.

shady street style inspirations: milla and her mini-me

Lovely candid photo of Milla Jovovich and her baby daughter at the playing in the sandbox. Milla isretro white square-framed sunglasses. Image via daily mail.

Another candid shot of Mila playing with her baby while blocking out harmful sunrays with reddish brown square frame  retro sunglasses. Image via zimbio.
via ONTD-Milla Jovovich and her daughter at LAX.
Milla Jovovich weathering the airport lines in her white frame sunglasses.