Tuesday, January 24, 2012

street style inspirations: slave rings a la double band ring with attached harness chains

Among the unique styles of women's rings, double banded chained rings or slave rings has become a fashionable favorites among the fashion rings trends that will be popular in 2012 fashionistas. The slavering is a stylish accessory that has been seen on both celebrities (Angelina Jolie, Hilary Duff, Lykkie Ly, Lauren Conrad, Rosie Huntington Whitely just to name a few) and fashion bloggers (Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast designed her own version through a collaboration with Dannijo). What's cool about this slave ring is that it has a bad-ass vibe as it's design is inspired by submissive jewelry styles of the whole chains and bondage lifestyle- it usually features two bands or rings connected by either one or two harness chains. The bands of the slave ring come in a variety of shapes (large chunky bands to slim simple sleek rings) and metals (sterling silver, gold filled, metal alloy). Nonetheless, the design of the slave ring is simple enough to wear with regular everyday outfits from work attire to formal evening attire. Sterling silver rings generally look good with all tones. Gold rings stand out alone and go with all skin tones and outfit colors- a simple sleek double band gold-toned chained slave ring looks dainty with a simple cream blouse and skinny pant. adds a touch toughness to a simple outfit of a white t-shirt and black denim skinny jeans, or a bit of naughtiness to a modest attire of a cocktail dress and stiletto pumps. As a symbol representing "chains of love", it would be an ideal gift for a friend, girlfriend, or even a bridal party gift for the ladies.  I've been searching far and wide for an affordable and stylish version of this the double band chain ring ever since I spotted it on Rumi Neely (who can deny that the chick has an addictive blog that displays her simple yet unique taste in street style). Anyway, if you guys are interested, here's a link to super stylish and reasonably priced gold-toned double band chain ring being sold on ebay.
gold toned double band chain slave ring from Victoria-The Jewelry Box.
Lykkie Ly wear badass large double band chain ring- image via made her think blog

image of cool silver double band chain ring via disorder magazine blog

double band chain ring via the finest jewelry

double band chain ring via Jennifer

Candid photo of Rumi Neely/ Fashiontost wearing double band chain ring via stylecaster

Fashiontoast x Dannijo double band chain rings via Mamma's a Rolling Stone

Hilary Duff wearing another gold double band chain ring with white strapless summer dress. Image via the coolspotters.

basic appeal pairs her silver double band chain ring with metallic gold nails that look like they were dipped
in molten metal. So cool. And pairing it with a Chanel-esque basic black sweater with white collar shirt is perfection.Image via Basic Appeal.

Steffani adds a little goth appeal to the double band chain ring with burgundy red nails and multiple
 band silver antiqued ring. Image via All things Pretty.

This gold and silver quadruple chain ring looks cool on its own. Image via Clandestine Craves.

gold v-shaped double band chain ring via bonadrag

large double band chain ring via bonadrag

Angelina Jolie wearing a double band chain ring via coolspotters
Lovely gold toned double band chain ring from Etsy for $24.99!
Silver double band chain ring paired with green nails via one of each blog

double band ring with multiple chain via Valerie Rubinaccio

Nissa twins gold double chain ring 

lovely simple and clean metal double chain ring via madame unicorn

Vanessa Hudgens wearing gold double band chain rings in a boho style
multiple band chain rings via garbage dress

Florence Welch performing with gorgeous gold double band chain ring. Image via Conspirazzi

lovely gold double band chain ring via the trend boutique
Rhianna rocking the double chain rings on her Rated R album cover. Image via Fusion Magazine

Lady like Chanel bag with gold chain is given a goth touch with deep burgundy nails and a gold bondage inspired ring. Ring via ETSY
cherry red manicure looks like retro perfection when paired with the gold double band chain ring.
Image via Carelessly Cut

Jessica Alba rocks a super sexy sleek outfit paired with metallic jewelry including a silver double band chainring when she was at the AMA 2010. Image via Hollywood Pix.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley  pair glamorous gold accessories with a simple white dress including a gold
double band chain ring. Image via la modella mafia
Lovely back coat complimented with lux gold detail (gold dress, rings, necklace, and gold double band chainring) with a pop of color (red manicured nails). Image via She Finds.

Hilary Duff wearing two pairs of double band chain rings via gemgoss

Lauren Conrad rockin the double band chain rings on the cover of Lucky Magazine via Zimbio

Get the lasted style of Love Slave Ring for $24.99 HERE.


Unknown said...

hi honey!! I've been searching for photos like that beacause i want to do a DIY abpout it on my blog :) thnks a lot for the info :) kisses!!


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