Wednesday, March 14, 2012

street style inspiration: short sweater and a looooonnnnnggggg dress

Caroline Sieber looked so amazing in this outfit to be honest. She always makes a killing when it comes to being a photographed on the street during Fashion Week. But this outfit is demure but has a dash of the something unexpected without look too bizarre. The pinkish lavendar chiffon dress is amazing on its own, but paired with a navy cashmere sweater, grey suede pumps with demure bow, and a lady like navy floppy hat gives gives the impression that  the outfit is perfect lady-like outfit on cooler early spring day.
image via grazia it.

Another amazing outfit of a sweater thrown over long girly chiffon dress. This outfit is like a slice of decadent dessert- the pretty cherry red patent leathers stilettos, the whipped cream chiffon dress with drizzles of cherry syrup details, all topped with a large dollop of strawberry topping reincarnated in a sweater. image via Wayne Tippetts'  Street Style Aesthetic.

street style inspirations: red and blue without looking (too) patriotic

Forget Jansport, forget messenger bags, forget your super-sized handbags- This jetpack-esque cherry red backpack is the ultimate backpack that would make all the kids on the block jealous.  When paired with a baby blue dress shirt with the sleeves casually rolled up and a faded denim vest, this androgynous street style is cool and comfortable. This is one example on combining reds and blues, using multiple textures and hues, to create palatable look that doesn't automatically resonate the American flag (unless you are just patriotic that way- no shame in that!).
image via nobody knows marc.

Here is another stylish, eye-catching blue and red outfit on this stylish lady with a modern twist on street style. This lady pairs a full-on, bright cherry red suit set with a cool baby blue coat with a simple structure to compliment and tone down the overall look. The other details of her outfit, the muddy brown leather gloves, the classic black quilted chain bag, and her funky short haircut, pull this outfit together that gives that statement of strong woman with a solid sense of style and attitude.
image via Street Peeper.

This stylish lady seen on the street looks spring/summer ready in her bright electric blue top that's paired with a light-weight bright cherry red slim trousers. The ombre hair adds a variation of color and a summery effect.  When paired with nude platform sandals, silver trimmed aviator sunglasses, and various colorful details like the petite yellow clutch, neon pinkish orange manicured nails, and the eclectic array of bracelets, this outfit is perfect to stay cool in the office during a sweaty summer day.
image via New Age Street Fashion.
Runway model Hanne Gaby Odiele takes fashion on to life's runway (the streets) and looks even more fashionable a la haute couture yet pleasantly approachable to the senses. The pieces alone are pretty bold- you've got your bright baby blue parachute pants, the tall 70's-esque platform shoes, cherry red wool coat, and the platnium blonde hair. However, the overall combined effect is something soft, breath-taking, and elegant. image via Caroline's Mode Stockholm Streetstyle via la Frantic Mode.

And because one shot of that outfit isn't enough, here is Hanne Gaby styling the same two bold pieces to create a more playful effect- her hair is pulled up into a pretty braided up-do, a crisp white dress shirt peaks out under her bright cherry red coat, and she carries an adorable crossbody bag with  a gold chain, crystal jewel clasp, with a hint of yellow detailing among the subdued hues of black and creme. image via fashion rising.

Australian stylist Caroline Sieber , who's currently based in London, is definitely no stranger to primary colors. This fashionable lady looks elegant in a baby blue coat paired with her luscious dark locks and cherry red lips. This is a great way of rocking red lips in a subtle yet, ladylike overall look.
image via zimbio.

A cool casual way of wearing a  bright  red coat with interesting, funky cut is by pairing it with everyday, casual pieces like denim short and simple black leather handbag. Let the piece stand out on its own by also wearing minimal makeup and accessories.
image via luxe love.

This bright red slouchy knit sweater is perfect when combined with a similar bright blue and red skirt because of its shorter and structured cut. Pairing this primary colored outfit of bright red and blue with contrasting silver wedges adds the right amount of contrasting texture and hue while complimenting the entire look. This not only would be a great outfit to celebrate your patriotic side, but would make a great stylish outfit for on the go or in the office. Notice that the tortoise shell sunglasses adds another subtle hint of contrasting details that adds to the outfit.
image via Purple Milk Cart.

This dapper guy on the street shows you how to dress up a pair basic khaki pants in a fun and fresh way- pair your everyday khaki trousers with fun red suede loafers with a rich turquoise/teal fitted blazer and sleek fitted white dress shirt. Men's street wear should also be fun and eclectic- colors and patterns should definitely be incorporated into spring fashion to resonate the freshness incoming of a new season. And don't forget about the little details that add a big difference to an outfit- the frame of your sunglasses, the details on your socks peaking below your pant hem, and of course the fit and cut of each piece. image via Trashness- Men's  Street Style Inspiration.

street style inspirations: native american print for every day wear

Native American/ tribal print details aren't anything new in the realm of fashion and eclectic prints. Recently, it's been a  detail that made me take a second glance. The colors and patterns all seem to make sense no matter what combination and easily dresses up a simple casual outfit. It's definitely an awesome statement piece in your winter coat collection. This stylish chick on the street wears this bright colored tribal print poncho over a simple outfit of black leggings, black combat boots, and a structured black satchel.
image via the sartorialist.
Instead of throwing the sweater underneath, notice that she has a black leather motorcycle jacket layered under this cool tribal print inspired cardigan. Such a great idea for adding layers without compromising  the showing off the awesomeness of a particular detail. image via her ladyship.

This a great cool casual outfit for those days you don't feel like you want to make an effort but you still want to look like you still got funk. It's so simple, faded jeans, white t shirt, bright beat up sneakers, clear framed sunglasses, and a cool triabl print inspired jacket. image via ?
First off, her emerald velvet platform pumps are the shit. Ugh, to die for. She is flawless- such a cool outfit to show off at work. Each piece of clothing stands out on its own (the black furry clutch, the pumps, army green quilted skirt, and of course the native american print coat), but together they make a complete comprehensive look.
image via Mr. Newton.

A pretty unique twist on wearing a bright colorfully patterned coat- placing it on a completely contrasting background of simple white materials. image via the sartorialist.

Instead of trying to balance the bright and bold tones, this stylish chick on the street goes with it. Her amazing coat looks great paired with red plaid and floral prints.
image via style o sight.

Miroslava Duma always looks impeccable. The large jeweled necklace has tribal- inspired details that give the nomadic undertones of the coat an updated sophisticated impression. via street fsn.

Because her outfits are pretty rad in multiple dimensions, I couldn't  leave out an image of a different perspective of her outfit show-casing the other detials- the camel slouchy suede hoboish bag, the fact that she's actually wearing Native American print vest over a different printed coat, her super cut ombre hair, etc etc.
image via ?

The scarf adds a different attitude to a black leather motorcycle jacket. I can almost imagine a pair of faded denim jeans and loafers paired with this outfit. image via wit and delight.

Hey Mr. Cool Guy. A cool way to layer during those spring days when it could get warmer or colder is to throw over heavy button shirt and cardigan. Ain't no shame in tying your shirts around your waist when it gets too hot. In fact, you look rad- don't forget to wear your doc martens and faded denim jeans like you a cool rock  music aficionado who just care. image via nobody knows marc.

This older man shows you the right way to carry a man clutch. image via street fsn.
Kind of unexpected to pair crushed velvet leggings with a Native American print coat, but it works.
image via ?