Monday, February 27, 2012

street style inspirations: cool sunglasses and yellow bags

Lady in teal. Image via all the pretty birds.

Miley Cyrus looks pretty cool and casual with yellow Celine bag. Image via

Cool summer style of yellow bag and black sunglasses with cute black puppy! Image via PVDH Journal.

image via Caroline's Mode.

image via?

image via Svarstvanur.

Great bag for carrying groceries, school books, etc. Image via the style confessions.

image via fre-ya tumblr.

image via fashionista514.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

street style inspirations: incorporating creepers into casual outfits for the non-creepy (or super-creepy) types

When you want to look like a boss charge, one of the guys, alpha female at work with bit a casual quality that makes you approachable, try out an all white suit. Any shoe would work, but black creeper shoes and a bit of attitude to a seemingly simple outfit. image via le fashion.
The patent leather espadrille sole Prada creepers have been seen everywhere and both the ladies and the guys, it just might be a timeless shoe that will cross over to all generations. For an office casual look for the guys during a warmer spring day, pair the creepers with some knee length shorts, sweater, and heavy duty messenger bag. Navy, black, and camel always look classic together. image via pinterest.
The lovely blogger of 5 inch and up makes a mellow-dramatic appearance in her Burberry Monk Wedge creepers paired with a somber linen dress, showing you that creepers are just the right shoe for an icy, overcast day. image 5 inch and up.
This girlishness of this long sheer white dress is toned down with some bad-ass details like the black patent leather creeper inspired loafer and a matching black leather Balenciaga motorcycle bag. The white opaque frame sunglasses add just the right amount of funkiness. image who what wear.

Maroon burgundy skinny jeans and black socks look awesome with the creeper -inspired Burberry Monk wedge- so cool, so classic, so need to have these shoes. On the hunt for  a similar pair as I type this. For those who don't have an extra grand laying , check out this post by the boom in your room for more affordable Burberry Creeper inspired creeper wedges. image via the blonde salad.
A cool simple casual look that works for both guys and girls is something that always catches my eye. Here is a candid photo of girl on the street with probably on her way to grab lunch with a friend or run errands. This looks fairly simple enough until you notice the little details- the black creeper shoes with the silver metallic hardware, the leopard print shopper bag, a long coat-tail jacket, to men's-inspired gold watch and the dark green scarf. image via caroline's mode.

The always stylish and cool Caroline pairs her black patent leather Prada creeper inspired shoes with the blue trimming, with a black fur coat, a cream white mesh sweater, black skinny jeans, and a classic chain bag. Yet another amazing yet seemingly simple outfit for everyday style. image via the fashionspot forums via caroline's mode.
Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast was one of the first bloggers spotted with the Burberry creepers. Here is one way to to tone down the oddness of these shoes- pair with a pair of grey knit socks. image via oh my god shoes.

On the the runway of Max Mara spring summer 2008 collection, top fashion model Natasha Poly looks like tough and sassy with a strapless dress with a long strucutred skirt paired with solid classic black sunglasses and black leather creeper inspired loafers with buckles. image via the fashionspot forum.

Blogger of Unconventional Morning shoes you that black and white creepers are just the right pair of shoes to stroll through some fresh winter snow. That amazing black fur coat looks so warm and cool. Need it in my life. image via unconventional morning.

This girl's style caught my eye because the rather Gothic attitude of those white and black creeper shoes are given a fresh take by being paired with a colorful satin midi skirt with a ruffle at the waist with gorgeous jewel tones of green and purple. image via pininterest.

Betty is such a betty. Instead of working against the seemingly grungy Gothic attitude of the Burberry creeper wedge,  she works with it by pairing the creeper inspired shoes with black tights, and Kurt Cobain-esque red plaid hoodie. image via what do I wear tumblr via le blog de betty.

image via material world of tuukka.

image via material world of tuukka.

Miroslava Duma. Always fabulous, can't ever go wrong, especially with Burberry wedges in different colors of burgundy and moss. image via obsessed obsessions.

Top Chinese fashion model Shu Pei always looks stylish off runway- she has a great androgynous, tomboyish street style that's casual and stylish. This candid shot Shu Pei features her outfit of her black patent leather Prada creepers with a pair of baggy faded denim jeans, tan leather quilted motorcycle jacket, grey fur scarf, and brown Celine box bag. image via vanessa jackman blog.

image via haute blooded via caroline's mode.

Model Hanne Gaby always looks stylish off the runway.
image via vanessa jackman.

image via 80%20.

image via magasin88.

image via pinterest.

image via oh my god shoes via fashiontoast.

image via the fashion spot forum.

image via garcon style.

What are creepers???
Well, according to the knowledgeable Wikipedia: "Creepers or brothel creepers are a type of shoe. They found their beginnings in the years following World War II, as soldiers based in the deserts in North Africa wore suede boots with hard-wearing crepe soles because of  the climate and environment. Having left the army, many of these ex-soldiers found their way to the nightspots of London wearing the same crepe-soled shoes and these became known as "brothel creepers"."

Nowadays, different interpretations of the creeper shoe have been popping up on street styles and runways alike. Fashion houses like Prada, Moschino, Burberry to name a few, have created renditions of the creeper shoe which have been influencing a huge comeback of the creeper shoe into everyday wear- now even non-Gothic types have been rocking this style of shoe in everyday casual wear to semi formal office outfits.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

street style inspirations: women's varsity jackets with a feminine twist

To pull of a professional yet stylish look, this stylish lady paired a simple colored varsity jacket of tan and black color with a gorgeous goldfish embroidered design with simple structured pieces. The additional black leather motorcycle jacket probably adds additional warmth needed during the winter as a stylish New  Yorkan. And the simple white structured skirt with simple black plain box bag gives the outfit a sophisticated look. For added warmth and style, wrap pair a fur scarf with a varsity jacket for more a lady-like look rather than a school yard effect. Image via grazi-it.
That varsity is to die for- the contrasting effect is perfect with the angora fuzzy navy sleeves to the  black leather. The outfit has a gothic lady-like effect with the sheer tulle black skirt under a ruffled wool skirt. Too bad this unique stylish varsity jacket for the chicks is out of stock at Urban 1972- I can't believe it was only $49! image via urban girl diary.

Once again, another amazing stylish varsity jacket for the ladies with the contrasting details- this version of  the varsity jacket with beige suede and contrasting maroon burgundy leather sleeves is by Rag and bone. image via Fashiontoast.

Here is an editorial shot in Intermission magazine of varsity jacket on model Marloes Horst, styled by Brian Molloy, and shot by photographer Patrik Sehlstedt. The styling of this varsity jacket has more of the school-girl undertones, with the collar shirt under a sweater with the pleated skirt. But the badass,sassy attitude of this photo makes the varsity jacket look like it'd be on someone you wouldn't want to bully at the playground. image via threads forward.

This varsity jacket is paired with an outfit that looks totally professional and stylish- something you can definitely wear into the office with sophisticated attitude. This candid shot of this fashionable woman on the street is a perfect way to look office work ready- pair the varsity jacket with a simple collar shirt and sassy yet professional knee-length black leather skirt and basic nude pumps, and simple classic black leather clutch. And to add on to the smaller details, pair the outfit with a snake skin print sunglasses. image via summer teeth.

Those sparkly beaded embellished glittery gorgeous Miu Miu dress will forever be among the top ultimate girly dresses ever created- one of those things you just can't stop staring at. This editoral shows you a great and interesting way to wear varsity jackets as the perfect outerwear to pair with an evening gown for a formal black tie affair.  image via fashion rising.

This model was snapped at the Kills Anniversary Party looks bad-ass but clean-cut- a mixed-material Varsity jacket over a burgundy sweater and pale blue shirt is a great contrast to her flirty black mini.  Paired with black tights and cool kicks, this look is sure to get you photographed. image via guest of a guest.

This candid shot of lady on the street rocking a varsity jacket features red details that add a pop of color to rather simple outfit of black sheath dress, black leggings, black ankle booties, and a black and white mixed materials varsity jacket. The bright red lips, leather clutch, and tassel earrings add pop of unexpected pizzazz to her outfit. image via summer teeth.
Burgundy and grey is another great color combination for a women's varsity jacket- the delicate details in the tortoise shell sunglasses, ballerina bun, and tiny pearl earring lend a feminine twist to this otherwise tomboyish jacket.
image via The Fashion Wayfarer.

The tough almost boyish varsity jacket with the simple grey wool material and black leather sleeves gets a lady-like touch with all the details in this stylish girl on the street. She pairs the varsity jacket with a chambray blue denim collar shirt, electric blue quilted lady-like purse with a chain, and various accessories including a pair of classic wayfarer sunglasses. image via style with benefits.