Tuesday, February 7, 2012

street style inspirations: fur-tastic teal turquoise tones

Candid photo of an stylish girl on the street wearing a fantastic funky boho chic teal turquoise fur coat over a simple basic outfit of grey knit sweater, black thick wool cozy scarf, black skinny jeans, black doc marten combat boots, and simple chic black Mulberry bag. Image via Eur0trash.

The large thick teal turqoise fur scar looks striking against this lady's blonde hair, androgynous outfit of colorful cardigan, baby blue dress shirt, brown with blue polka dot tie with a gold tie pin, black peacoat, and black trousers. Image via whowhatwear.

Fashion toast Rumi Neely looks simply gorgeous, pairing her thick Gucci teal turquoise fur scarf with long wool coat, pleated mini skirt, thick black leggings, and Prada platform heels. Image via Pinterest. 

A deep teal fur coat layered over an extra-fine wool sweater and a navy blue lace blouse paired with sequined gold dress shorts are two looks among Zara' TRF's Evening 2011 collection for women.

Gucci's 2011 RTW collection is a stunning array of teal and turquoise furs and chiffon gowns paired with dark red lips. Image via This is Chic.

This furry teal turqoise coat is paired with navy blue skinny trousers and peep toe ankle booties to make a classic street style combination. Image via whowhatwear.

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Elle @ (Eat.Style.Play) said...

I did a google search and found this inspiration. I'm so excited because I found a beautiful fur stole in white...but this teal looks amazing.