Monday, February 6, 2012

street style inspirations: the winter camel coat and all the dapper details

Here is a candid shot of a stylish group of girls that have great eye for styling a camel coat- some shoes that you could wear throughout the winter and fall that look great for wearing to the office for work include black penny loafters, nude toned sandals heels, brown suede ankle booties, a great monogram bag, warm matching camel tan long cozy cardigans, tortoise shell sunglasses. image via golestaneh-streetstyle.

This lady's street style has a twist of the 50's vintage era look- don't be afraid to pair your simple camel trench coat with  bright colors of neon yellow and bright blue. image via manrepeller.

The mini Hermes bag is friggin adorable. For a warm winter outfit, pair your camel coat with a long skirt and a knit beanie. Tortoise shell sunglasses always brighten up neutral camel tones. image via the cat walking.

This gentleman on the street has great layering technique- pair your camel peacot with many layers to adjust to the temperature throughout the day. Try a dark green cardigan, grey wool vest, blue pint stripe dress shirt with a contrasting white collar. image via lemonade and ivy.

Who says you can't wear skirts in the winter? To brighten up neutral camel tones, wear something bright red- like this red long chiffon skirt this girl on the street is wearing. image via bette's vintage line.

Another way to add a feminine touch structured, almost manly oversized camel coat- add a color leopard print clutch.  image via lions and legends tumblr.

Celine bags always make an outfit so luxurious. This camel coat with leather sleeves stands out on its own as well. image via jeans fashion streetstyle.

image via bette's vintage line.

image via golestaneh street style.

image via golestaneh street style.

image via golestenah street style.

image via fashion rising.

image via Elle tumblr.
image via fashionista.
image via caroline's mode.

image via wit and delight.

image via wit and delight.

image via fashion rising.


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