Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Collaborations with SnazzyFRESH

Hi! For the SnazzyFRESH company blog, we've been getting real small business, our friends, and individuals with a perspective involved. In fact, we think starting your own small business is totally awesome, and support all you independent, free-thinking entrepreneurs! In exchange of posting a description about your business (or talent) along with your picture post, we hope that you give a shout out on your choice of online networking system to our SnazzyFRESH website, blog, or store! That is all! We hope to hear from you and hopefully come up with something awesome! Thanks for checking us out!

Anyway! Time to gear up for snowboarding season! Woohoo! Here are my choice of sunglasses (instead of goggles) that I will hitting the slopes with:
SnazzyFRESH Tortoise shell wayfarers! Hot! Good thing they're only $10 bucks here
so no need to worry too much about them as I face-plant all over that mountain. 
UV protected? Of course.
Terrified? Most likely.
Excited that I might pee my overall snow pants? Hell yea!

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