Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Collaborations with SnazzyFRESH

Hi! For the SnazzyFRESH company blog, we've been getting real small business, our friends, and individuals with a perspective involved. In fact, we think starting your own small business is totally awesome, and support all you independent, free-thinking entrepreneurs! In exchange of posting a description about your business (or talent) along with your picture post, we hope that you give a shout out on your choice of online networking system to our SnazzyFRESH website, blog, or store! That is all! We hope to hear from you and hopefully come up with something awesome! Thanks for checking us out!

Anyway! Time to gear up for snowboarding season! Woohoo! Here are my choice of sunglasses (instead of goggles) that I will hitting the slopes with:
SnazzyFRESH Tortoise shell wayfarers! Hot! Good thing they're only $10 bucks here
so no need to worry too much about them as I face-plant all over that mountain. 
UV protected? Of course.
Terrified? Most likely.
Excited that I might pee my overall snow pants? Hell yea!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What I want to wear all winter long PART 2:

A Vision of Velvet

Velvet used to remind me of those old school 80's gowns or that the dressy shirt my grandma wears only for special occasions like Chinese New Year or whatever. But don't you think that it adds that extra pop and pizazz? Like your that stylish Parisian chick walking downtown to your favorite bistro for some espresso and tartar? Or whatever fancy French food is made of. Regardless, fancy and fun is definitely on the menu for the holidays!


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Sushi Night

Fujiyama-Ya Japanese Restaurant is such a cute and quaint place, perfect for a regular date night. Ain't nothin better than a couple fresh (and inexpensive!) rolls with a side of hot sake and Asahi. Parking wasn't too bad either (a blessing here in SF). 
Good Meal! Good Company! Good night!

Black Cardigan (apostrophe), lace onesie (eBay), silver necklace (vintage), peacock headband (Urban Outfitters)

Monday, December 20, 2010

What I want to wear all winter long PART 1:

Shades of Fern and Evergeen

Wearing green and red together usually runs a risk of looking like a Christmas ornament. But right now I can't seem to get enough of army greens and red plaids. Tis the season I suppose. :-)

The Sartorialist; Street Style Aesthetic; Rocha/Splash News Online; Unknown

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Random Saturday Night...

Hi! Welcome to the extension blog to SnazzyFRESH! It's kind of a mash up between personal style meets glasses/shades meets everyday life stuff. Here we are giving this baby of a blog a test drive with a random photoshoot, featuring SnazzyFRESH clear lens aviator glasses that you can find here, of course! I believe I'm wearing the tortoise shell colored ones. Anyway, thanks for dropping by!

(SnazzyFRESH clear-lens aviators, Forever21 sweater, Dockers Men's brown 
leather weave belt, Hanes men's white T, Forever21 skinny pants, Target socks)