Thursday, February 2, 2012

the many shady street styles of: karlie kloss style

Candid photo of Karlie Kloss wearing a black leather motorcycle jacket, a thick dark grey knit scarf, black
sunglasses and her signature magenta pink lips.
Karlie Kloss shows you how to look stylish and casual while riding a bike- here she is wearing a trench coat
and sunglasses. 
Karlie Kloss still looks pretty wearing glasses in a simple and cute outfit of beige vest, black and grey striped
shirt, and beige cream knit gloves.

Karlie Kloss pairs a faded denim shirt with simple aviator sunglasses.

Karlie Kloss looks just as lovely with curly wavy hair and casual outfit with sunglasses.

Karlie Kloss looks like old school Hollywood glamour with curled hair and khaki trench coat.

Another casual and chic outfit of boots and dress.

Karlie Kloss pair tortoise shell wayfarer sunglasses with earth tones- khaki jacket, army green skirt, ankle boots,
and a bright orange cross-body purse to mix up the neutral tones.

Here is candid shot of one of Karlie Kloss's casual outfits of a fur vest, black and white square print scarf.