Wednesday, March 14, 2012

street style inspiration: short sweater and a looooonnnnnggggg dress

Caroline Sieber looked so amazing in this outfit to be honest. She always makes a killing when it comes to being a photographed on the street during Fashion Week. But this outfit is demure but has a dash of the something unexpected without look too bizarre. The pinkish lavendar chiffon dress is amazing on its own, but paired with a navy cashmere sweater, grey suede pumps with demure bow, and a lady like navy floppy hat gives gives the impression that  the outfit is perfect lady-like outfit on cooler early spring day.
image via grazia it.

Another amazing outfit of a sweater thrown over long girly chiffon dress. This outfit is like a slice of decadent dessert- the pretty cherry red patent leathers stilettos, the whipped cream chiffon dress with drizzles of cherry syrup details, all topped with a large dollop of strawberry topping reincarnated in a sweater. image via Wayne Tippetts'  Street Style Aesthetic.

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