Friday, April 6, 2012

friday blogger inspirations: spring work attire men's edition

image via One Straight One Gay.
  This outfit works for casual Fridays- the slim-fit jeans are a cooler, updated version of khakis, the faded denim jacket is great for layering during warmer spring weather, and the brown oxfords and solid black frame glasses keep the business in check. For you casual cool guys (and androgynous chic girls!), check out these guyfor fashionable ideas for everyday wear and ideas for clothing staples worth investing in.

image via Jan Gettmann.
Love how the pop of maroon/burgundy color from the Converse high-top sneakers adds to a seemingly basic outfit of a faded denim collared shirt and slim khaki jeans. And it's always a good idea to keep a pair of wayfarer sunglasses on hand for the shade and stylish upgrade. Check out this bloggers site for clean, classic looks with bit of European flare and pieces of skater/rocker wear.

image via Modes Krapan.
A great way to add new life to them old grey slacks- pair them with a classic nautical striped shirt, fitted vintage denim jacket, and sunglasses for a complete look. Yet another stylish blogger with more classic approach to everyday style but with enviable eclectic collection of sweaters. 

image via Reyal Fashion.
This outfit is not for the timid and faint-hearted- the leopard shoes, the teal slim jeans, the burgundy fitted blazer, and the polka dot bow ties are all pretty bold clothing articles. But at first glance, this whole look is pretty cool. Basic pieces like the pinstriped dress shirt and the solid black frame glasses tones it down just enough.

image via Little Fashionisto.
Sunglasses are sometimes an underrated accessory that can add some serious style to an outfit. These ones that The  Little Fashionisto is rocking are pretty sick- the translucent blue frame sunglasses work perfectly with cool tones of the grey blazer and slacks, baby blue sweater, and pastel pink dressed shirt peaking out of sweater collar.

image via Ski Bin Sky.
Full on denim seems to entered the Hall of fame for timeless outfits. This here is similar approach to concept except with a navy fitted double-breasted blazer and navy denim jeans. The  earth tones of brown-tinted frames of glasses, brown oxfords, camo bag go nicely with a predominantly blue outfit.


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