Thursday, April 5, 2012

the many shady street styles of: kristen stewart

Kristen Stewart's street style is also casual, cool, comfortable- stylish seems to be an afterthought in her approach to getting dressed for another day of attempting to abscond from hoards of paparazzi and Twilight fans. Even if you are that type to not to care about what you wear, you can still pull off a nonchalant attitude (rather than haphazard, crazy distressed look)  just with a couple cool pieces- try a classic motorcycle jacket with a cool quilted detailing and a pair of funky sunglasses like these clear framed ones with yellow tint that Kristen Stewart is rocking.
SnazzyFRESH can help you out HERE with a pair vintage inspired yellow clear translucent framed sunglasses.
image via ?

Here is another shot of the same light yellow clear framed sunglasses on Kristen Stewart in her attempt to remain  incognito with a green beanie.
image via michael annerina.

Spying on your neighbors may not look so incognito when wearing a pair of funky sunglasses with a bright, STOP sign-red trim while peering through the curtains- but Kristen Stewart does have a cool taste in shades.
SnazzyFRESH wants you to spy in style with red sunglasses found HERE.
image via team twilight.

Random Kristen Stewart quote: "Anytime I hear that somebody's really rich, the first question is, "Do you do anything with it? Or do you, like, chill? You just sit on it?"
Read more HERE
Even if you don't have two extra pennies to rub together, you can still stay chill out with simple sleek sunglasses HERE.
image via eonline.

Kristen Stewart spotted here at the airport in a causal and unexpectedly colorful outfit of purple skinny jeans, mustard yellow sneakers, and baby blue/ grayish sunglasses.
image via nitrolicious.

Very vintage-esque for a summer shoot: fabulous hair, purple shirt, red skirt, and red trimmed sunglasses.
image via fuck yeah kristen stewart.


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