Monday, April 9, 2012

street style inspirations: random female celebs and cute gym outfits

Rooney Mara leaving the gym somewhere in LA. To get into shape for her film Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Mara's workout regime involved intense kickboxing for toning, and she regularly does ballet dance aerobics to maintain a long, slender physique. image via
Nicole Richie caught leaving the gym wearing a simple outfit- check out this video of Nicole doing dance aerobics with celebrity trainer Tracy Anderson.
image via Some Celebrities tumblr.

Miley Cyrus leaving the gym after a yoga session.
Image via ?

Lauren Conrad leaving the gym- her workout regime involves a full body routine involving cardio, kickboxing, weights, circuit training, lunges, squats.
image via ?
Miranda Kerr leaving the gym just recently, showing off what your body can return to after giving birth to an almost 10 lb heifer of a baby. Miranda does yoga everyday and also is a vegetarian.
image via Just Jared.

Sandra Bullock bundled up after working out at the gym.
image via Zimbio.

Olivia Wilde
Image via Celebuzz.
What better way of getting over the hump induced by Monday workdays than by workin it out, starting with  throwing on a cute gym outfit!

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