Thursday, April 12, 2012

the shady street styles of: Binki Shapiro

image via Foam Magazine.
Who is this chick? If you haven't met her or spotted her pics on the web, meet Binki Shapiro- the singer and songwriter or the LA-born band Little Joy.

image via This is Simes.
Here featured in a photoshoot wearing a cozy comfy outfit.

image via A Medium Format.
Binki photographed with fellow band mate Adam Green. Cute outfit of pink sunglasses, mustard yellow sweater, and navy blue shorts.

image via A Medium Format.
Poolside Maria Vu at the Phillip Lim Coachella party.

image via The Fashion Spot.
A photo from a publicity photo shoot for their band Little Joy with a cute retro vintage beach feel.

image via The Fashion Spot.
From a photoshoot featuring Binki Shapiro on her rooftop wearing a casual outfit of a grey tweed blazer, white henley sweater, vintage Levi's cutoffs, Rachel Comey sandals, and a Phillip Lim bow tie stud purse.

Image via I Love Wild Fox.
In a photoshoot with then boyfriend and fellow bandmate and Strokes drummer Fabrizio Moretti.

image via A Medium Format.
Binki Shapiro and Devendra Banhart Dj-ing at the Lacoste party during Coachella 2010.
image via Pessimiss.
Dig this chick's simple chic style- almost like a lovechild between Chloe Sevigny and Clemence Posey.

For your viewing pleasure, "The Next Time Around" by Little Joy that was featured in a Volkswagon Passat commercial in 2008, to prepare for you next road trip to somewhere and anywhere.

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